Aruze’s New Shoot To Win Craps

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love slot machines. But sometimes there is nothing better than a good craps night. A good craps night can be had with another shooter but when you’re the shooter and you hold the dice for a long time, rolling number after number, ahhhhh – it’s just perfect. The feeling of making money for yourself and others and the camaraderie of everyone smiling, cheering and then finally thanking you when your roll comes to a close. That’s a good craps night.

Aruze's Shoot To Win Craps Machine

Octagon Format for 8 Players

So, imagine my excitement when I ran across an Aruze Shoot To Win electronic craps machine the other night. I have never seen this before, but it seemed to offer the lure of craps with a video slot feel. I couldn’t wait to play it! I lovingly nicknamed it robo-craps. It’s a large octagon shaped contraption with two glass enclosed oversized dice in the middle. Up to eight players sit around it with individual video screens and the shooter presses a big red button to shoot, or more accurately pop, the dice.

Each player has a video screen that allows all the traditional craps bets to be made: pass/don’t pass, numbers, hardways, come/don’t come, big 6/big 8, field, horn, etc. It is a dollar machine that can pay fractional payouts so if you place the 6 or 8 for $1 the payout is $1.16 if the number hits. I believe it also offers 5x odds. The other players didn’t seem to have the same excitement as you would find at a traditional craps table but for $1 minimum bet and a seat, it’s a small price to pay. Also, I may just have been sitting with a group of duds!

Aruze's Shoot To Win Craps machine offer all the traditional craps bets

Player Video Screen for Betting

I played for a while but it just kept sevening out – 2/3 rolls max then a seven. But then finally, the magic began. The player sitting on my right had a great roll. He was rolling lots of numbers and I believe he hit the point 3 times. This was starting to shape-up as a good craps night. Then it was my turn to shoot and shoot I did. I think I “shot” (or pressed a button, at least) those dice for an hour, no kidding. Number after number, I kept rolling a 4 as the point so it was a little harder to make but who cares, the numbers just kept rolling. After it was finally over the lack-luster crowd managed some excitement with one player exclaiming “I don’t think you could of had a roll that good if they took the sevens out.” And that was that, it was over and it was a good craps night. No, it was a great craps night and on a robo-craps machine to boot.

Looking to play craps online? Check out our review of OpenBet’s Craps. It is available to play online at MeccaBingo (no US resident players accepted).

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  • Roman McCoy 2015/07/21, 6:44 pm

    Did you find what to do right to not hit 7 or to hit 7? I know you can see the dice in the camera as well as through the glass. Did you find a system to hit the roll button on a specific face setting? Headed to arizona which only has computer slots and want to win. haha

    • Sarah Lewis 2015/07/21, 8:30 pm

      Hi Roman,

      No, I didn’t find a system. I was just lucky, I suppose. My thing was to hit the roll button at 17 sec. on the countdown. Did it have anything to do with my roll? Probably not, but it made me feel like I was in control. :) Good luck in Arizona. Come back and let us know how you went.


  • ColdHardTruth55 2018/01/13, 1:51 am

    Machine is better for folks that are interested in playing craps, but get intimidated by all of the seemingly chaotic action and numerous betting options of a hands-on craps table. As a serious craps player, I prefer to not make bets when the drunk college kids are seeing how hard they can toss the dice. And I understand how to quickly and accurately set dice to maximize my odds. I am surprised that casinos have not made dice setting “illegal” as they have card counting in blackjack. Anyway, craps is exciting as your luck and fellow players luck rides on the same action.

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