The POWER of the Line Win

So here I am, wasting time on YouTube and I run across a video entitled “The Power of the LINE WIN.” And I think, well, yeah, they can be powerful. I watched the video, which showcased a player’s line wins from the past year, and I was enthused. All these line wins were in the base game, not the bonus features, and some were quite large. I’m ready to go down to my local casino and experience the power of the line win for myself (hopefully).

But then I started thinking, a line win is so much more than I give it credit for. When I’m playing a slot, my number one goal is to get to the bonus feature. Most of the time, I spin up a line win and quickly press the spin button well before the celebration is over. Why am I so quick to dismiss the win and spin on? Because, well, it’s NOT the bonus feature. So many times I get to the bonus feature only to have a horrible one. You won £1.96 – whoopie! But it is the BONUS FEATURE and something tells me I had a good time even though I didn’t make any money.

This video has inspired me to sit back and enjoy my line wins from now on.

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