Borgata Sues Phillip Ivey for Cheating in Baccarat

borgata-atlantic-city-nj-75x4914 April 2014 – Borgata, an Atlantic City casino, is suing Phillip Ivey, a famous poker pro, for cheating in baccarat. In the lawsuit, the casino claims that Ivey used a technique called edge sorting to win $9.6 million in baccarat on four occasions between April and October two years ago. Ivey is believed that he used a flaw on the back of cards manufactured by Gemaco Inc. to his advantage and he was helped by a dealer who flipped the cards in particular ways regarding whether the card is good or bad in baccarat. The casino is also suing the Golden Nugget Casino for providing unshuffled cards that cost the casino about $1.5 million.

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