US Patent Issued for AlphaNumeric Personalized Word-Based Slot Game

phrazzes-word-slot-logo-75x75Inventors Gary Kadlec and Craig Sedoris got the Notice of Allowance on their Patent Application for their AlphaNumeric slot game system. The system enables players to enter numbers, letters and symbols they like and create a personalized world-based slot game. Afterwards, they spin the reels and try to match some or all of their chosen characters. The inventors call it a True Player Choice. There are approximately 2.7 billion combinations with a six-character game. Another game, an Instant Win Scratch-Off Lottery, using the same AlphaNumeric system is also developed. Sedoris and Kadlec see PHRAZZES as a revolutionary invention. Not only it is new, but it also offers a different slot experience.

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