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Deal or No Deal
  • Deal or No Deal
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Deal or No Deal Slot Game ReviewWhat fun! I was playing the Deal or No Deal arcade style slot game and really enjoyed it. It plays very similar to the game show on television. You are presented with a choice of 26 boxes. Your first box is your payout should you reject the bankers’ offers throughout the game. After you have wagered and chosen you initial box, you eliminate the boxes remaining and receive offers from the banker along the way. These offers are calculated from your potential payout based on the remaining amounts left. You may reject or accept the bankers’ offers – accepting an offer means you will be paid the offer amount and the game will end.

The Deal or No Deal slot game is available at the following recommended online casinos. Each of these online casinos makes Deal or No Deal available to play for free but you must first sign-up for an account in order to access the slot game. You will not need to deposit any money.

Online CasinoSign-up BonusFree PlayExcluded Countries
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How to play Deal or No Deal

Select your stake

First you begin on the Deal or No Deal select a stake screen

Select A Stake Screen

When you first enter the Deal or No Deal game you will be presented with a select a stake screen. Here you can choose the amount you would like to stake (or wager). This is an amount chosen by the player between £0.50 to £1000. The larger the bet, the larger the amounts of potential payouts available in the boxes. While your deciding on an amount, check out the boxes on the left and right of the screen to see your potential payouts at that bet amount. The top box on the left-hand side is the minimum payout and the bottom box on the right-hand side is the maximum payout.

Choose your initial box

Choose your initial box in Deal or No DealNow that you’ve chosen your stake amount you will need to select just one box to begin with. The amount hidden in the box you choose will be your payout should you reject all the bankers’ offers. Choose wisely, your box can contain any amount listed on the left and right of the game screen. Optimally you want to pick the box containing the maximum amount (yeah, don’t we all)! The box that you have chosen will appear on the table next to the telephone. The amount will not be revealed until the end of the game.

Opening the boxes round by round

You will now open the remaining boxes round by round. You may either open the boxes you pick by choosing one at a time or there is also a “QUICKPICK” button that will open randomly chosen boxes for you for quicker play. The amount of boxes opened in each round are:

  • Choose boxes to receive banker offers in Deal or No Deal Arcade Style SlotRound 1 – open 6 boxes
  • Round 2 – open 5 boxes
  • Round 3 – open 5 boxes
  • Round 4 – open 4 boxes
  • Round 5 – open 4 boxes
  • Round 6 – final offer

Deal or No Deal Arcade Style Slot Final OfferAfter you have opened the specified amount of boxes in a round, the phone will ring and the banker will make an offer. You may either accept the offer by choosing DEAL or reject the offer by choosing NO DEAL. If an offer is accepted then the game is over and the player is paid the accepted offer amount. If an offer is rejected then the game continues onto the next round.

End of the game

The end of the Deal or No Deal arcade style slot can be arrived at two different ways: 1) the player can accept the bankers’ offer or 2) all bankers’ offers are rejected and the player is paid the amount hidden in the initial box picked. This amount is not revealed until the end of the game.

Where to Play Deal or No Deal Slot Machine Online

You can find Endemol's Deal or No Deal slot machine in land-based casinos and in online casinos. Depending on where you live, there are different online casinos that will accept your wagers. Here are our recommendations of online casinos where you can play the Deal or No Deal slot machine and the countries they accept as players.
Deal or No Deal is available online exclusively at BetVictor, Bet365 and MeccaBingo. They do not accept players from United States. Please see below for online casinos where you can play similar games that will accept your wagers.

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