Slot Review Online Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Slot Review Online all about?

We love slots and want to share our enthusiasm. We are doing research on how slots work, what slot games seem to play well, key characteristics of slot machines and which online casino sites they can be played at. We want to hear from you and have you share your experiences with others. Any insight to make us and others better slot players is greatly appreciated. We have played slot machines for so long, we have gotten to learn a thing or two about slots and hope you enjoy the information here and contribute as well! We focus on the best and most well known slot games, how the slot games work and where the slots can be played at reputable online casinos.

Slot Review Online will evolve over time with information about the slot machine industry, slot games and how slot games work with a social community aspect to share our experiences with one another. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments so we can further build the FAQ. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Slot Knowledge’ section to learn more about what to look for when playing slot machines.


Why are you focused on land-based casino slot games moving to the online casino space?

Several reasons, but the key is to enjoy these slot games in different environments. Sometimes the land-based casino atmosphere is great, other times you may just want to play the game at home at an online casino. The other key thing is that it is much safer to play these slot games online through the online casino operators that are capable of having them. The land-based casino slot world is highly regulated and the large companies have moved carefully with online casino operators. Building relationships with only the most legitimate and reputable online casinos. That makes us feel better playing on the online casino sites where you can find IGT, Aristocrat and WMS games as these companies can’t deal with questionable online casino operators.

The other key reason Slot Review Online exists is to help introduce players that may not have had a chance to play the slot games in a land-based casino environment to know how they work and what the potential is. We find land-based casinos a bit confusing with the amount of slot games available, but the online casino world is ridiculous. We want to know something is legitimate and roughly how it works, so our focus is bridging the land-based casino world with the online casino world.


Is online casino gambling legitimate?

The key benefit of online casino slot gaming is that the return percentage is generally higher than you will find in a traditional land-based casino. As mentioned above, our focus is really on land-based slot games that move to the online casino environment. The large slot gaming companies have hundreds of millions or billions in revenue as a lot of the value is tied up into the land-based regulatory and casino environment. They can’t allow themselves to have unfair slot games or they put their licenses at risk. Hence, we believe it is far safer to play their slot games at online casinos than smaller gaming companies’ slot games. The online slot casinos that utilize the major companies’ slot games are about as close you can guarantee to legitimate.


Is playing slot games at online casinos legal?

In nearly all cases it is either legal or not enforced by the countries’ government, with the primary exception being the United States.

If you are from the USA, we highly recommend that you do not play for real money online and we recommend that if an online casino site does allow US citizens, not to deal with them as this raises a flag of risk in case the USA government attempts to seize their assets. Again, any online casino site promoted here, deals with large scale slot gaming companies who would not allow their slot games to be used on unsavory online casino sites.

In countries such as Australia, gambling online may be legal only within certain states within certain venues but the government has been vocal not to attempt to stop citizens from playing at online casino sites. If this changes, we will let you know. Online casino sites like MoneyGaming have chosen not to accept bets from Australians, but others continue to do so until the Australian government chooses to take any action against online gambling.

Most other countries are allowable, but may carry some risk if the government ever chooses to enforce or create regulations against slot games at online casinos.

What does RTP stand for?

Return To Player – This is displayed as a percentage and represents the amount of money the slot game returns to the player. For example, if a slot game has a 95% return to player then the slot is programmed to return 95 cents of every $1 that is wagered. While individual experiences will vary, over the long run the slot returns 95% of the money that has been wagered.