OpenBet Craps Online Review

OpenBet's Craps is available to play onlineI’ve been having so much fun lately playing Aruze’s Shoot To Win Craps Machine at the local casino that I decided to investigate playing Craps online. MeccaBingo offers the OpenBet’s online Craps game to play for free and real money at their online casino.

While the online Craps game had a few shortcomings, it was very enjoyable to play. You can play a free version for fun while you get your bearings and then move onto the real money version of Craps. It plays similar to a live Craps table. All the same bets are available. But there is only one dice shooter and one player, you.

The sound in the online Craps game needs an upgrade. There is the sound of the dice rolling and background music but nothing else. I found myself calling the dice in my head: “five, five, no field five” – “yo eleven” – “six, easy six, front line winner” – and so on. But still fun to play.

The Craps game platform offers options for turbo play which plays a bit faster as the dice don’t animate flying across your computer screen. The Craps game platform also offers options for sound or no sound and graphics quality (low, medium, high, and best) – good if you are on a slower internet connection.

Play Craps online for free and real money at MeccaBingo Online CasinoClick here to go to MeccaBingo and try it for yourself. After you have played the Craps game online, let us know in the comments how you enjoyed it and how much you won! The payback percentage on the online Craps game at MeccaBingo is 98.64%.

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